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Jupiter Beach 2, Florida

Trust that still, small voice that says, ‘This might work and I will try it’….Diane Mariechild

The Hudson Valley

husdson valley, spring, barns, clouds, sky, color, landscape, natures peace

Color of Spring – Hudson Valley, New York

Spent 5 days last week house-sitting in the Hudson Valley, Palenville to be exact. Palenville was important center for the Hudson River school and painters such as Thomas Cole and Frederick Church had homes nearby. Palenville is also the fictional home of Rip Van Winkle…

Bastian Falls, Kodachrome, hudson valley, new york state, natures peace, waterfall, landscape

Bastian Falls, Hudson Valley


Dave Mason

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Dave Mason

Found this hand painted black and white image of Dave Mason yesterday  – circa 1970. I can still remember the first time I was blown away listening to the first Traffic album (yes they were albums).

Point Lobos, CArmel, California


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From my first visit to Point Lobos last month…..need to return in the not so distant future. Image made using the iPhone5 and TrueHDR.

Abandoned Hotel, Hudson Valley

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Abandoned Hotel, Hudson Valley, NY

“Broken hearts and dirty windows
Make life difficult to see
That’s why last night and this morning
Always look the same to me”….John Prine