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Pitlochry, Scotland, Parade

Highland Night Piper Band

Highland Night Piper Band

After the trans-Atlantic flight, train to Glasgow and drive to Killiecrankie it was impossible to sleep. Decided to drive to Pitlochry (5 Miles) and see if we could find a Starbucks (just kidding).

What we did find was to weekly Highland Night pipers parade. Driving into Pitlochry we were asked to stop by the older chap in the photo below (seems like the parade was close by). Turns out he was the proud grandfather of the tallest member of the band. After making a few images of the marching I asked if we could photograph him, his grandson and friends….What I really like are his hands……and, of course, the color coordination….These Scots sure love color….

Grandfather and firends

Grandfather and Friends

Next was a trip to The Queen’s view which ended with an attack of the ‘Midges’ – small black flies so annoying you had to leave….

Canola Field – Farm Patterns – Scotland

Canola and Farm Patterns - Scotland

Canola and Farm Patterns – Scotland

It is the end of June in Scotland – late Spring if you ask me. But the weather was great – around 70 with wind chill about 55….Having only been in Scotland in January this was a welcome change. This image reminds me somewhat of The Palouse in June…….and what more can a photographer want then light until 11PM’ish…Last night we ran into a weekly parade of bagpipers in Pitlochry, Scotland – images coming soon.

Off to Balmoral Castle to see how the Queen lives. not sure we will be invited for tea….

PS: This is one nice hotel – Killiecrankie Hotel – run by Henrietta Ferguson – great food – great rooms – laid back atmosphere and centrally located – not tomention the 5 star kitchen…


Ron Delsener – Howard Stein

Rock Impresarios Howard Stein and Ron Delsener

Rock Impresarios Howard Stein and Ron Delsener

A tale of two Music Promoters: Today the idea just appeared. They are, on the left, Ron Delsener, and on the right, Howard Stein.

Howard, amongst other shows, promoted 4 shows for The Who in 1974 – He started the started nightclub Xenon in 1978 and was the key man at The Academy of Music on 14th street in New York. I first met Howard at The Academy, a place I made images for many years – The Academy was a 3,500 seat movie theater (1927) converted to a music venue in 1971. The Academy hosted shows by Rolling Stones and The Dave Clark 5. It also hosted the annual Halloween show presented by Frank Zappa.. Howard also promoted shows at The Capital Theater in Port Chester, NY. Howard passed away several years ago…

Ron started working for others at the tennis stadium in Forest Hills. He next talked the Parks Commissioner into letting him use Central Park at the Wolman Skating Rink. Led Zeppelin, the Who, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross and Simon and Garfunkel all performed there. Ron was able to book Jimi Hendrix with a string quartet to persuade Lincoln Center to take the show – pure genius.. Today, Ron promotes Irving Plaza, Roseland, PNC Arts Center and Jones Beach to name a few. His list of promotions is a who’s who of the music industry – name such as Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Phil Collins, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd and on and on…. So I run into Ron Delsener at The Allen Room last Monday while I was photographing Jack Johnson. He appeared to be channeling 50’s Vegas so I grabbed a quick image.

This morning I decided to match it with an image of Howard Stein made in my studio on or about 1972….The Howard image was made for the cover for rock magazine Zoo World which was published out of Florida back int he day.

Only in New York Kids, Only in New York

Palenville, Hidden Gallery Walk

palenville, sunrise, hidden gallery walk, landscape, sky, clouds, color, visual arts, natures peace

The Barn, Palenville

Just got back from Palenville, New York and the Hidden Gallery Walk. What a fabulous weekend it was.

There were 28 artists in several iconic/interesting locations in and around Palenville, most of them within walking distance of Pippy’s Hot Dog Truck and the Circle W general store. And of course I did try the Purple Haze Dog with Thomas Cole Slaw…Also had my favorite Roast Beef Sandwich at Circle W….

Enjoyed talking with many of the folks who dropped by the show in the Barn behind the Clark House Bed and Breakfast (above)…..I was pleased to share this space with fine art photographer, Allen Bryan. Allen was showing prints from his ‘Comforts of Home’ portfolio.

Mike and Christine who run the B and B were fabulous hosts and we never tripped their circuit breakers….If you are going to that area this is one great place to stay….the only thing better then the breakfast is the coffee….

palenville, sunrise, hidden gallery walk, landscape, sky, clouds, color, visual arts, natures peace

Sunrise, Palenville

In the ‘you never know’ category is the fact that I got up at 2:45AM to drive my buddy to the Albany airport – on the way back I was greeted by the sunrise above – sometimes you just have to be there….The Palenville/Hudson Valley is truly inspirational….

Thanks to all the people and locations involved in this event….It can only get better next year….

I am looking already looking forward to next year…

Jimmy Vivino, The Les Paul Trio, Iridium Jazz Club

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Jimmy Vivino with The Les Paul Trio

A night on the town yesterday. Caught Jimmy Vivino and The Les Paul Trio at Iridium at 830PM and then to the Cutting Room to see Tammy Faye Starlight as Nico (Velvet Underground). But more on Tammy/Nico tomorrow.

jazz, iridium, jimmy vivinao, music, club, visual art, photography

Jimmy Vivino – Les Paul Trio

Jimmy was leader of the Conan house band, as well as the Tonight Show, The Tonight Show with Conan and the early Conan on NBC. He was also a member of the Beatles tribute band, The Fab Faux.

When not appearing weeknights on TBS, Vivino divides his time between recording sessions and live gigs throughout the country. In addition to his solo work, Vivino plays with the successful Beatles tribute band “The Fab Faux.” Vivino has also recorded and played live with such legends as Johnnie Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, Levon Helm and Al Kooper. Earlier in his career Jimmy got his start producing playing and arranging for such artists as Phoebe Snow, Laura Nyro, John Sebastian and Donald Fagen.

jazz, iridium, jimmy vivinao, music, club, visual art, photography

John Colianni, Les Paul Trio