Pitlochry, Scotland, Parade

Highland Night Piper Band

Highland Night Piper Band

After the trans-Atlantic flight, train to Glasgow and drive to Killiecrankie it was impossible to sleep. Decided to drive to Pitlochry (5 Miles) and see if we could find a Starbucks (just kidding).

What we did find was to weekly Highland Night pipers parade. Driving into Pitlochry we were asked to stop by the older chap in the photo below (seems like the parade was close by). Turns out he was the proud grandfather of the tallest member of the band. After making a few images of the marching I asked if we could photograph him, his grandson and friends….What I really like are his hands……and, of course, the color coordination….These Scots sure love color….

Grandfather and firends

Grandfather and Friends

Next was a trip to The Queen’s view which ended with an attack of the ‘Midges’ – small black flies so annoying you had to leave….